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Beaumont is redefining what a city can be

– we are evolving from our roots as community of connected French-Canadian farms and churches into an interconnected blank canvas for the ideas that drive our future economy.

In Beaumont, there is no set way to do things. As a city, we see every opportunity as a chance to think differently, and see every partnership as a chance to challenge the status quo and discover something new. We’re a growing, nimble community intent on being the hub to support people who want to build something they believe in.

“The City of Beaumont wasn’t just a host city for the autonomous shuttle pilot – they were a partner. They worked with us from the beginning to hear our ambitions, wanted to know what the challenges and opportunities were with doing such a bold project, and – most importantly – wanted to know how they could help make it happen.”

– Dan Finley, VP – Corporate Services Pacific Western Transportation


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“There’s community energy and then there’s Beaumont energy. No matter who you are or what you’re up to, if you’re invested in your idea, this city will be there to cheer you on and lift you up.”
– Sylvia Cheverie – Owner, Chartier

What can you expect in Beaumont?


An obsessive dedication to seeing growth in the companies that call Beaumont home.


A City ready to support tech and innovation businesses as a working partner.


A commitment to listening to new approaches to traditional ideas.


A City that rallies around those who invest in our community and take a risk.


A City where even a small idea can generate a big result.

What Beaumont Can Do

  • 01 ELA
  • 02 3-D Crosswalks
  • 03 CoBIC Connect
  • 04 Chartier
  • 05 [Re] Waste

A Real Road Test for Autonomous Vehicles: ELA

ELA is a driverless shuttle capable of carrying 12 passengers, and has demonstrated the potential of autonomous vehicles on four continents since 2015.

While most cities make it available for exhibition and experience, Beaumont wanted to go further. When it came time for ELA to debut in this community in 2019, Beaumont was proud to not only host ELA, but to be the first city in Canada to actually integrate an autonomous vehicle into regular traffic. The shuttle carried more than 6,200 passengers and traveled 2,100 kilometers, integrating with both a traffic light and a crosswalk on its route. The project provided data for regulators, transportationcompanies, insurers and municipalities to help plan for communities where autonomous vehicles become commonplace.

Moreover, it showed that the City of Beaumont isn’t just interested in showing off innovation – they want to be an active part of it. Our Mayor, Council and City Admin team want companies to come here to advance innovation and make it work to create a better, future-focused community.

More Than A Coat of Paint: 3-D Crosswalks

Innovation isn’t always driven by tech. It can be just a different way of approaching a simple problem to make a big impact. The City of Beaumont is always looking for those opportunities where a little tweak can make a big difference. Our 3-D crosswalks are a good example not only of our inventive spirit, but another reason why Beaumont is considered one of Canada’s safest cities.

With a few coats of paint, a little bit of greyscale and a different way of approaching a common problem, Beaumont became the first city in Western Canada to use a crosswalk painting technique that creates a 3-D effect to get drivers to slow down, improving pedestrian safety. Following the initial test, one of Alberta’s best companies, ATS Traffic Safety, offered to install the next, more durable and more visible iteration of 3-D crosswalks in Beaumont at no cost to the City.

Creating Collisions & Connections: CoBIC Connect

The City of Beaumont is big on supporting people with ideas and the heart to get them done – sometimes that means creating actual space for these businesses, as well as space in your strategies. Seeing a rise in businesses, start- ups and a demand for a serviced work environment in Beaumont, Beaumont’s economic development division acted quickly to create a non-profit space for entrepreneurs, small businesses and home-based businesses to connect, network and bring our business community closer together. CoBIC Connect is a full-service office to give all of our companies a chance to grow while keeping their overhead low, and a place where they can collide ideas in a way that you can only do in a diverse office space. It’s good for the businesses, which means it’s good for Beaumont.

A Community That Rallies Around You: Chartier

Chartier is a rustic, Quebec French style restaurant in the heart of Beaumont, started by local residents Sylvia and Darren Cheverie. Finding difficulty in getting traditional financing to build their dream restaurant in Sylvia’s hometown, they turned to Kickstarter and their community to raise their first set of funds. The community delivered, making their Kickstarter the most successful culinary campaign in Canada at the time. Today, Chartier is not just a place to get the best Quebec French cuisine in the province – it’s a connecting hub for Beaumont, right at the centre of the city – a place of celebration and proof positive that as a community, Beaumont is ready to rally behind you to make your idea come to life.

[Re] Waste

Every year, Canadians throw away 3 million tonnes of plastic waste, only 9% of which is recycled, meaning the vast majority of plastics end up in landfills and about 29,000 tonnes finds its way into our natural environment. [Re] Waste was established in 2020 and in short time, they have built relationships with people, communities, and businesses that support their vision to repurpose plastic waste destined for landfills.

Research and development started in their founders garage, where a lot of innovation begins, especially amid a global pandemic. The team began by taking single use grocery bags and melting them between regular household items – a kitchen griddle and clothing iron. This process was a proof of concept and we quickly discovered how dense and durable recycled plastic could be. The development of products continued from there with the first product being a tote bag fashioned from recycled chip bags. 

[Re] Waste is developing a process to work with cities, businesses and the everyday person to divert their plastic from landfills and transform the plastic into amazing 100% recycled plastic products. They have landed pilot projects in the early stages of their business, including launching a pilot project right here in Beaumont. 

[Re] Waste continues to push the limits of plastic recycling and are on the start of a long, purposeful journey. To learn more, visit their website.

“We have been actively developing in Beaumont for a number of years and seen it evolve from a town to a young, energetic, and thriving city. With our development, the City has always been open to us bringing forth new, unique, and innovative ideas. Beaumont continues to work with us to build a welcoming and quality-based community”
Patrick Shaver – President, Avillia Developments


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