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How we’re able to do things differently.

Beaumont is redefining what a city can be

– we are evolving from our roots as community of connected French-Canadian farms and churches into an interconnected blank canvas for the ideas that drive our future economy.

In Beaumont, there is no set way to do things. As a city, we see every opportunity as a chance to think differently, and see every partnership as a chance to challenge the status quo and discover something new. We’re a growing, nimble community intent on being the hub to support people who want to build something they believe in.

“The City of Beaumont wasn’t just a host city for the autonomous shuttle pilot – they were a partner. They worked with us from the beginning to hear our ambitions, wanted to know what the challenges and opportunities were with doing such a bold project, and – most importantly – wanted to know how they could help make it happen.”

– Dan Finley, VP – Corporate Services Pacific Western Transportation




Beaumont in talks to host one of Canada’s fastest fibre-optic networks
Big things are coming to Beaumont...

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“There’s community energy and then there’s Beaumont energy. No matter who you are or what you’re up to, if you’re invested in your idea, this city will be there to cheer you on and lift you up.”

– Sylvia Cheverie – Owner, Chartier

What can you expect
in Beaumont?


An obsessive dedication to seeing growth in the companies that call Beaumont home.


A City ready to support tech and innovation businesses as a working partner.


A commitment to listening to new approaches to traditional ideas.


A City that rallies around those who invest in our community and take a risk.


A City where even a small idea can generate a big result.


“We see ourselves a bit like a sandbox. Companies can come here to test innovative ideas and approaches. If you have a bold idea, come talk to us. We’ll figure out how to say ‘yes’ to it.”

– Mayor John Stewart

Case Studies

02AI-Vending Machines
033-D Crosswalks
04Co-BIC Connect

"We have been actively developing in Beaumont for a number of years and seen it evolve from a town to a young, energetic, and thriving city. With our development, the City has always been open to us bringing forth new, unique, and innovative ideas. Beaumont continues to work with us to build a welcoming and quality-based community"

Patrick Shaver – President, Avillia Developments

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